Wire World, Inc., celebrating 17 years of manufacturing lashing wire coils at our facility in Austin, Texas.

Wire World, Inc., manufactures 4,000,000+ coils

January, 2016
Wire World, Inc., is proud to announce that in January, 2016, we manufactured our 4,000,000th coil of lashing wire!  "Get Wired!"

The Sauve Update

Mary Sauve
Mary Sauve, who is President and CEO of Wire World, Inc., continues to make us the finest lashing wire company in the USA and countries around the world.

Keith Sauve
Keith continues to excel as a RN in the ICU at a local hospital in Chester, VA. Kathy Sauve works as a RN in the ER at a local hospital and Kameron and Kristina continue to excel at school.

Geoff Rankin
Geof Rankin continues to excel as our Operations Manager at Wire World, Inc. His experience and knowledge has proven very valuable with the addition of two new machines and the move to our new location.

WWI Acquires NWBOC Certification

While Wire World, Inc., has its state certification as a Women Owned Business, Mary Sauve, President and CEO of Wire World, Inc., working with Janet Harris-Lange, President of the National Women Business Owners Corporation, is proud to announce its National Women Owned Business Certification. This certification will enable Wire World, Inc., to develop relationships with larger companies and create opportunities for future partnerships with private and public companies. Mary will continue to work with theNWBOC to develop new business for Wire World, Inc.